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LeachXS - Leaching Assessment Tool

LeachXS is a data management and visualization tool that provides you with a clear overview of the results of leaching tests and allows you to compare them to relevant policy and regulations. The tool allows users to evaluate and characterize the release of material constituents based on comparisons derived from leaching test results for a wide range of materials and waste types (e.g., secondary or recycled materials, stabilized waste and construction materials).

Learn more about LeachXS at Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF),  a collaborative research effort between Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, Nashville, TN, The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Petten, the Netherlands, DHI, Horsholm, Denmark, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Office of Research & Development and Office of Solid Waste). 

LeachXS is available for licensing in three versions: LeachXS Lite is a simplified free version of the full software package LeachXS Pro™, and LeachXS CBP is specifically designed for nuclear waste management applications. Please continue to the Licensing Options page for details.