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LeachXS Release Notes

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LeachXS Lite™ Release Notes:

Version 3.1.1
8 August 2022

This is the successor of version of 3.0.0, released in 2018.

The structure and contents of the databases that are shipped with this version have been upgraded. A lot of constituents have been added and CAS numbers have been added to organic constituents, for future use. The CAS numbers do appear in the selection dialog for constituents. If you open an older database, the structure and constituent contents will be updated automatically.

The sample selector (the dialog that you use to select samples from a database) now remembers several settings:

  • The order of the columns that are shown (did you know that you can reorder columns by dragging a column header to another location?);

  • Which columns have been made hidden (you can hide a column by clicking the right mouse button on any column header and uncheck the column in the list);

  • The filters that are applied in the columns Category and Subcategory;

An extra button is added in menu Filtering: Clear Column Filtering. You can clear all column filters with this button.

If any columns have been filtered, a filter is shown in the status bar (in addition to filters in the column headings that contain filters).

Methods to perform EPA Screening and Scenario assessments have been added.

A different library is used to report results of assessments or comparisons in Excel. This caused a huge performance gain. Also, the comparison output has been enhance.

The user manual has been updated with a section about the EPA Screening and Scenario Assessments.

Finally, quite a few small bugs have been solved.

Version 3.0.0 RC
12 October 2018

This is the successor of the initial version of LeachXS Lite, released in 2015.


  • The database that is shipped with this version contains additional samples. The existing CCR samples have been given a more descriptive name. You can find an overview of all the samples in the pdf files that are included in the software package.

Version 3.0.0
07 October 2018


  • The database that is shipped with this version contains a more diverse set of samples, instead of the CCR samples present in the previous database.

  • The Data Import Templates have been revised to version 4.2. The format is still the same as the previous set, but some small errors have been corrected.

  • The manual is revised and available in pdf format from the start menu of your operating system (Start->LeachXS Lite->LeachXS Manual).

Version 2.0.86
09 August 2016


  • The EPA reports have been updated. They now contain options for selecting a reporting limit to use when reporting. If a Reporting limit other than the Method Detection Limit (aka Detection Limit) is chosen, a separate table will be written to the report containing the selected reporting limits.

  • In the sample selection dialog, another filtering option is added: filter samples having a selected constituent.

  • Database enhancements - An analysis may have zero or more extra reporting limits. For now, the extra limits can be:

    • ML: method limit

    • LLOQ: lower limit of quantitation

    • PQL: Practical Quantitation limit

  • Data Import Reader / Writer - New EPA data import templates have been created. They contain fields to add an extra reporting limit to analyses.

  • The user interface for the Lite version has been simplified.

  • This version contains first version that reports EPA test methods.

Bug Fix:

  • The templates have been changed slightly (the version number is now 4 and an extra line is removed in the “Material Classification” sheets.

  • The EPA test method reports have undergone some minor changes.

  • The code in comparison windows failed to detect if any constituent selections where changed if Bulk Export was selected.

  • Exporting to an Excel file that is in use (e.g. because it is opened in Excel) may cause the Excel software to crash, even when this situation is detected. A workaround is implemented that seems to be working much better.

  • Data Import: if you try to map an unknown lab or supplier name by clicking the appropriate radio button, the import process crashes. This has been resolved.

  • The EPA method 1315 data input reader read the refresh times in the wrong unit of measurement. This has been corrected.

Version 2.0.38
December 22, 2014


  • All Material Comparison windows have a slightly different layout. They all fit on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 786 pixels or higher now.

  • If you used pH dependent materials when comparing granular or monolithic materials, there was an option to mark the own (or natural) pH values. You can now choose to include or exclude own pH values per material by means of the Own pH – button.

  • If you export a comparison to Excel, Acid or Base Neutralization Capacity data is included for pH dependent data.

  • Some changes have been made in order to collaborate with Excel versions 2013.

  • New versions of all data import templates have been made. Existing Excel workbooks containing data in the old template formats can still be imported. It is advised to use the new template for new datasets.

  • To make the Excel templates for Data Import easier to find, they are installed in two places. The first place is the default location for Microsoft Office templates. The second one is folder “LeachXS User Objects\Data Import Templates” in the “My Documents” folder.

  • An extra Data Import option is available. You can optionally generate interpolated tests from Data Input templates that contain EPA Method 1313 tests. The interpolated sets will be added to the database that is chosen. If an xml file is to be kept, the interpolated sets will be added to the xml file as well. The names of the samples containing the interpolated sets will be same as the original samples, with the phrase “-Intp” appended.

  • Both the manual and the context sensitive help have been revised and reflect the changes that are described here.

Bug Fix:

  • There was a bug in the Constituent Selector that caused an error message if the list of previously used constituents contained a constituent that is not present in the database that is currently active. This bug has been solved.


LeachPro™ Release Notes:

Version 3.0.1
7 December 2018

This is the first version of LeachXS Pro that is distributed from the VU e-innovations website. 


  • All model templates have been revised and are now working with Orchestra 2017.

  • There are extra options in all lab simulation models to obtain graphs with information regarding the distribution of ion valences.

  • Virtual Materials are introduced to facilitate copying data between model cases and even model types. See the manual for details.
  • The manual has been revised and is now pretty up-to-date.

Leach CBP™ Release Notes: