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Leach Pro™

Leach Pro is designed to assist users evaluate potential leaching of constituents from materials under a range of disposal and use scenarios.  Leach Pro provides all of the data management and visualization capabilities of LeachXS Lite plus geochemical speciation and reactive transport modeling tools to project long-term release under changing environmental conditions. 

The University / Research Edition ($1,250) 

This version is meant for research staff of educational institutes. The must supply the following information:

  • The University name, department, and position (faculty, research staff, post-doc, graduate student) must be included.

Student Edition (FREE with a University / Research Edition)

This version is only for students of an educational institute that has a University / Research license. It is free, and a license lasts 5 months. The student must supply:

  • The university, department, name of the research staff member having a University research license.

  • His/her name, email, class, semester and start date.

Commercial Edition ($2,500)

All other commercial and/or for profit needs.

Simulations of laboratory test results can be used for planning or model parameterization.  Field scenarios of multi-regime percolation and diffusion-controlled leaching allow for consideration of material interfaces and aging phenomena.  A database leaching test results and example simulations are provided for a wide range of secondary materials and wastes.  Leach Pro also includes advanced formatting and statistical evaluation features beyond those included in LeachXS Lite. 

You must choose "I accept the terms in the license agreement" for your order to be processed.

This is a software product that is taxable in according with the TN Sales and Use Tax Notice #15-14.